About ISCA

The Independent Schools Council of Australia (ISCA) represents the interests of the Independent school sector on a national basis such as in relation to Australian Government funding and representation on national policy making bodies. Its eight member State and Territory Associations of Independent Schools represent a growing sector with 1091 schools and over 586,800 students, 16 percent of all school enrolments in Australia.

Our Vision

That ISCA is a strong, effective representative of Independent schools, working closely with member associations to promote choice, diversity and partnership in education and advocating for the provision of ongoing, sustainable levels of Australian Government support.

Our Mission

ISCA serves and supports its members and through them Independent schools by:

  • being the leading national advocate of Independent schooling in Australia
  • providing strong and effective representation of the Independent schooling sector to Government and other stakeholders
  • promoting choice, diversity and autonomy
  • highlighting the contribution of Independent schools to Australia through quality education and innovation
  • securing the appropriate level of Australian Government support for students in Independent schools

ISCA Strategic Plan 2014 – 16

The ISCA Strategic Plan 2014 – 16 is available to view in PDF format.

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