Current Issues

The latest information and updates on current issues and developments affecting the Australian school policy landscape.


Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools

The Department of Education and Training ‘s webpage outlining the David Gonski led Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools. Contains a link to  the review’s terms of reference, review panels members and an issues paper. Submissions to the review have now closed. ISCA’s submission can be found here.

Review of the socio-economic status score methodology 

The Australian Government has established a National School Resourcing Board to provide greater independent oversight over Commonwealth school funding. The Board will undertake reviews of different parts of the funding model, with its first review considering how socio-economic status (SES) scores are calculated and the way in which a non-government school’s capacity to contribute to the running costs of their school is assessed. This Australian Government Department of Education and Training‘s webpage outlines the Board’s role and makeup as well as linking to terms of reference for the SES review.

Quality Schools

The Australian Government Department of Education and Training‘s webpage outlining the Australian Government’s Quality Schools package. Also contains a useful FAQ page and several Quality Schools Fact Sheets.

Independent Schools and Gonski 2.0

An ISCA overview of the Australian school funding changes that will come into effect in 2018 (also contains a downloadable pdf option).

What is Gonski 2.0?

An ISCA explainer on what exactly is meant by the term Gonski 2.0 which has been widely used in the media but is not an official term.



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