A common myth about the new school funding package

Myth: The Gonski 2.0 school funding package gives big funding increases to Independent schools while funding for government schools goes backwards.

Fact: Under the new arrangements, funding growth for government schools, on average, will be 24 per cent faster than for Independent schools.


Over 10 years from 2017 to 2027 the average annual per-student growth for Independent schools is projected to be 4.1 per cent. For government schools, the projected growth is higher at 5.1 per cent. This means, on average, funding growth for government schools will be 24 per cent faster than for Independent schools.

Unlike government schools which are almost 100 per cent funded by governments, the majority of funding for Independent schools comes from parents.

Some high fee Independent schools have received additional funding under the new funding arrangements.  ISCA analysis shows that a key driver of these increases is the changed funding arrangements for students with disability, which directs additional funding to students with disability requiring extensive adjustments.

It is important to recognise that Australian Government funding arrangements mean that Independent schools charging the highest fees receive the lowest levels of public funding.

For more common myths, see ISCA’s Debunking Common Myths about Independent Schools page

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